Negri Bibliography in English

Rough and incomplete Bibliography of Negri’s work available in english (with a few French, Spanish and Italian works) organized in chronological order.

Bold indicates availability or access on this site

(1958) Stato e Diritto nel Giovane Hegel (State and Right in the Young Hegel)
(1959) Saggi sullo Storicismo Tedesco: Dilthey & Meinecke (Essays on German Historicism: Dilthey and Meinecke)
(1962) Alle Origini del Formalismo Giuridico (Kant) (The origins of Juridical Formalism (Kant)
(1962) Hegel: Scritti di Filosofia del Diritto (Hegel: Writings on the Philosophy of Right) translated and edited by Negri
(1964) Labour in the Constitution (in Labour of Dionysus)
(1967)Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State (in L/D and Revolution Retrieved)
(1968) Marx on Cycle and Crises (in Revolution Retrieved)
(1970) The Political Descartes
(1971) Crisis of the Planner-State: Communism and Revolutionary Organization (in Books for Burning)
(1972/73) La Fabrica de la Estrategia:33 lecciones sobre Lenin –(The Factory of Strategy: 33 Lessons on Lenin) currently being translated
(1973) Worker’s Party Against Work ( in Books for Burning)
(1973/74) Worker’s Party of Mirafiori
(1973/74) One Step Forward, Two Steps back

(1974) Communist State Theory (in Labour of Dionysus)
(1975) Proletarians and the State: Toward a Discussion of Worker’s Autonomy and the Historic Compromise (in Books for Burning)
(1975) The State and Public Spending (in L/D)
(1976) Is there a Marxist theory of the State? Reply by Negri to Bobbio
(1977) Towards a Critique of the Material Constitution ( in B/B)
(1977) Domination and Sabotage: On the Marxist Method of Social Transformation (in B/B)
(1977)The State-Form: Towards a critique of the political economy of the Constitution
(1978) Marx Beyond Marx
(1980) Crisis of the Crisis-State ( in Revolution Retrieved)
(1980 Interview with Toni (in RR)
(1980) Il comunismo e la guerra (Communism and War)
(1981-82) Maquina Tempo: 1)Praxis and Paradigm 2)Beyond Resistance: Itineraries for the 1980’s 3) Constitution of Time – ( this last section is translated in Time for Revolution by Matteo Mandarini. The essays in Maquina Tempo cover the period from 1976 to 1981)
(1981) The Savage Anomaly
(1982) Archaelogy and Project: The Mass Worker and the Social Worker (in R/R)
(1982/83) The Labour of Job
(1983) Do You Remember Revolution? (in R/R)
(1985) Communists Like Us with Felix Guattari
(1987) Fabbriche Del Soggeto (Factories of the Subject/Subject as Factory)(untranslated)
(1987) Lenta ginestra : saggio sull’ontologia di Giacomo Leopardi
(1988) Fine secolo: un manifesto per l’operaio sociale /- translated as The Politics of Subversion (available in Spanish)
(1990) De la transicion al poder constituyente- (in Futur Anterieur- available here in French )
(1990) Control and Becoming: Interview with Deleuze– (in FA)
(1990) Polizeiwissenschaft- (in Futur Anterieur- available in French)
(1990) Espace politique neutralisé et nouvelle representation (in FA)
(1991) Trabajo Inmaterial (Lazzarato)- FA (available in Spanish on this site)
(1991) Communication and Class Struggle (available in Spanish on this site)
(1992) Interpretation of the Class Situation Today ( In Open Marxism volume II ed. By Werner Bonefeld)
(1992) The Labour Theory of Value: Crises and Problems of its reconstruction in Post-Modernity- (in FA- available in French)
(1992) Lucha Sociale e Control Systemico- (in FA-available in French)
(1992) Infinité de la communication/finitude du désir- (in FA-available in French)
(1992) Insurgencies: Constituent Power and the Modern State
(1993) Constituent Republic- (in FA)
(1993) La premiere crise du post-Fordisme- (in FA-available in French)
(1994) Labour of Dionysus
(1995) On Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari A Thousand Plateaus
(1995-96) Para que sirve hoy el Estado?- (in FA)
(1996) Marx y el trabajo: el camino de la disutopia- (in FA)
(1996) Re-appropriation of Pulblic Space- (in FA)
(1997/1998) Value and Affect- (in FA)
(1999) Empire
-On Empire- Interview with Cesare Casarino in Praise of the Common
(2000) Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo ( in Time for Revolution)
(2000) N is for Negri
(2001) The Political Monster ( in In Praise of the Common with Cesare Casarino)
(2001) Adventures of the Multitude
(2002) Ruptures Within Empire- Conversation with Cocco/Lazzarato
(2003) Reflections on Empire
(2003) Dialogo Sobre la Globalicion, la multitude y la experiencia argentina
(2004) Multitude
-On Multitude- Interview in Praise of the Common
(2003) The Rod of the Forrest Warden- Response to Brennan
(2003) Peace and War- Negri and Alliez
(2004) The Vicissitudes of Constituent Thought- with Cesare Casarino
(2004) Subversive Spinoza
(2004/2005) The Porcelain Workshop
(2005) From Sociological to Ontological Inquiry- Interview
(2005) Post-Modern Global Governance and the Critical Legal Project
(2006) Empire and Beyond
(2006) Goodbye Mr. Socialism
(2006) Foucault: Between Past and Future
(2006) Exile: Interview
(2007) Art and Culture in the Age of Empire and the Time of the Multitude
(2008) Materialism and Theology: A Conversation Negri and Fadini
(2008) Philosophy of Law Against Sovereignty: New Excesses, Old Fragmentations
(2009) Commonwealth
(2009) On Commonwealth- An Exchange with David Harvey
(2009) The Italian Difference
(2010) On the Common, Universality and Communism: Balibar and Negri
(2010) New lines of Alliance, New spaces of Liberty (Communists Like Us) Negri and Guattari
(2010) Is it possible to be communist without Marx?
(2011) Art and Multitude
(2011) Espanha Rebelde
(2011) Arabs are Democracy’s new Pioneers -Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
(2011) Antonio Negri Illustrated: Interview in Venice by Claudio Calla
(2011) The Fight For Real Democracy at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street- Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
(2012) The Common in Revolt by Antonio Negri and Judith Revel
(2012) Declaration by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

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    I point out this book (published in Italian in 2008, now available in English):


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