About and Upcoming Translations

Hello and Welcome to Negri in English!

On this site, as it develops, you will be able to find an extensive compilation of Negri’s work , essays, articles, etc. dating from the 60’s to the present as well as some personally translated pieces.

In the upcoming weeks and months I hope to have the following articles and sections translated and up, so please stay tuned!

Lesson 1 : For a Marxist reading of Lenin’s Marxism from 33 Lessons on Lenin (posted)

Dialogo sobre la globalizacion, la multitude y la experiencia argentina- Antonio Negri, Giuseppe Cocco, Cesar Altamira, Alejandro Horowicz

Trabajo Inmaterial with Lazzarato

Fabricas del Sujeto/Ontologia de la Subversion

as well as these which appeared in Futur Anterieur

La teoria del valor-trabajo: crisis y problemas de reconstrucion en la postmodernidad – “The Labour Theory of Value: Crises and Problems of reconstruction in Postmodernity”

Marx y el trabajo: el camino de la disutopia -” Marx and Work: The Path of Disutopia”

Para que sirve hoy el Estado? “What is the role of the State today?”

Luchas sociales y control sistemico- “Social Struggles and Systemic Control”

Also, if you have any pieces you would like to contribute please send them as well as feedback on translations! Please notify me if any of the links to articles or books have been broken.

  1. Hey,

    just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent work, keep it up, there are many people that are very grateful to you! Texts on football are actually amongst the most interesting, seeing Negri in a somehow new light (do you know where are they from?), while I’m most looking forward to the translations of Immaterial labor with Lazzarato and his piece on The Labour Theory of Value. There is an english piece entitled Value and Affect by Negri that perhaps contains some of the theses included in The Labour Theory of Value. It was published in ‘boundary 2’ (Duke Univ. Press) and translated by Hardt, you probably already know it, but if you don’t, let me know.



  2. Hi J,

    Thanks! Yes, I agree the Negri pieces on football are really interesting. The interview with the French newspaper Liberation that I translated is one of my favourites. The other ones, in Portuguese, are from a Brazilian newspaper if I am not mistaken. Yes, I have read Value and Affect and it is on the site. Im hoping to post some more stuff in the near future as well as some translations.

    Thanks again!

  3. Ed Emery says:

    You are using my book “Revolution Retrieved” in order to advertise Red Stripe beer.

    Please remove the text of my book immediately from your website.

    And do not re-post that text anywhere else.

    Thank you.

    Ed Emery

    • Hi,

      No I am not using that text to sell anything. Those ads were added by wordpress, not me. This text is also available for download on libcom as well and that is why I re-posted it here.Since this is a problem for you I will take it down and re-direct people to download it there.

      Thanks for your help.

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