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“In 1978, at the invitation of Louis Althusser, Negri presented a series of seminars on Marx’s Grundrisse in Paris. This is the book of those seminars. Negri, a leading figure of the Italian Autonomia, was in France as a consequence of charges relating to revolutionary action brought against him by the Italian state…Marx beyond Marx aims toward a reconstruction of Marxist theory, a reconstruction that goes beyond Marx by going back to Marx, an angry Marxism summoned by the real possibility of communism…in setting the agenda for such a reconstruction, and in clarifying its priorities, Marx beyond Marx is a pathbreaking and indispensible work.” –Capital and Class (from the dust jacket)


Editor’ s Prefaces

Author’s Prefaces

Translator’s Introduction, Harry Cleaver, Michael Ryan, Maurizio Viano

Lesson One: The Grundrisse, an Open Work

Lesson Two: Money and Value

Lesson Three: The Method of the Antagonistic Tendency

Lesson Four: Surplus Value and Exploitation

Lesson Five: Profit, Crisis, Catastrophe

Lesson Six: Social Capital and World Market

Lesson 7: The Theory of the Wage and Its Developments

Lesson 8: Communism and Transition

Lesson 9: Capitalist Development and Revolutionary Class

Epilogue: Michael Ryan

Bibliography: Harry Cleaver, Jim Fleming, Conrad Herold