Negri Bibliography in English (mostly)

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Bibliography

Rough and incomplete Bibliography of Negri’s work available in english (with a few French, Spanish and Italian works) organized in chronological order.

(1958) Stato e Diritto nel Giovane Hegel (State and Right in the Young Hegel)
(1959) Saggi sullo Storicismo Tedesco: Dilthey & Meinecke (Essays on German Historicism: Dilthey and Meinecke)
(1962) Alle Origini del Formalismo Giuridico (Kant) (The origins of Juridical Formalism (Kant)
(1962) Hegel: Scritti di Filosofia del Diritto (Hegel: Writings on the Philosophy of Right) translated and edited by Negri
(1964) Labour in the Constitution (in Labour of Dionysus)
(1967)Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State (in L/D and Revolution Retrieved)
(1968) Marx on Cycle and Crises (in Revolution Retrieved)
(1970) The Political Descartes
(1971) Crisis of the Planner-State: Communism and Revolutionary Organization (in Books for Burning)
(1972/73) La Fabrica de la Estrategia:33 lecciones sobre Lenin –(The Factory of Strategy: 33 Lessons on Lenin) currently being translated
(1973) Worker’s Party Against Work ( in Books for Burning)
(1973/74) Worker’s Party of Mirafiori
(1973/74) One Step Forward, Two Steps back
(1974) Communist State Theory (in Labour of Dionysus)
(1975) Proletarians and the State: Toward a Discussion of Worker’s Autonomy and the Historic Compromise (in Books for Burning)
(1975) The State and Public Spending (in L/D)
(1976) Is there a Marxist theory of the State? Reply by Negri to Bobbio
(1977) Towards a Critique of the Material Constitution ( in B/B)
(1977) Domination and Sabotage: On the Marxist Method of Social Transformation (in B/B)
(1978) Marx Beyond Marx
(1980) Crisis of the Crisis-State ( in Revolution Retrieved)
(1980 Interview with Toni (in RR)
(1981-82) Maquina Tempo: 1)Praxis and Paradigm 2)Beyond Resistance: Itineraries for the 1980’s 3) Constitution of Time – ( this last section is translated in Time for Revolution by Matteo Mandarini)
(1981) The Savage Anomaly
(1982) Archaelogy and Project: The Mass Worker and the Social Worker (in R/R)
(1982/83) The Labour of Job
(1983) Do You Remember Revolution? (in R/R)
(1985) Communists Like Us with Felix Guattari
(1987) Fabbriche Del Soggeto (Factories of the Subject)(untranslated)
(1987) Lenta ginestra : saggio sull’ontologia di Giacomo Leopardi
(1988) Fine secolo: un manifesto per l’operaio sociale /- translated as The Politics of Subversion
(1990) De la transicion al poder constituyente- (in Futur Anterieur )
(1990) Control and Becoming: Interview with Deleuze- (in FA)
(1990) Polizeiwissenschaft- (in Futur Anterieur)
(1990) Espace politique neutralisé et nouvelle representation (in FA)
(1991) Trabajo Inmaterial (Lazzarato)- FA
(1991) Communication and Class Struggle
(1992) Interpretation of the Class Situation Today ( In Open Marxism volume II ed. By Werner Bonefeld)
(1992) The Labour Theory of Value: Crises and Problems of its reconstruction in Post-Modernity- (in FA)
(1992) Lucha Sociale e Control Systemico- (in FA)
(1992) Infinité de la communication/finitude du désir- (in FA)
(1992) Insurgencies: Constituent Power and the Modern State
(1993) Constituent Republic- (in FA)
(1993) La premiere crise du post-Fordisme- (in FA)
(1994) Labour of Dionysus
(1995) On Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari A Thousand Plateaus
(1995-96) Para que sirve hoy el Estado?- (in FA)
(1996) Marx y el trabajo: el camino de la disutopia- (in FA)
(1996) Re-appropriation of Pulblic Space- (in FA)
(1997/1998) Value and Affect- (in FA)
(1999) Empire
-On Empire- Interview with Cesare Casarino in Praise of the Common
(2000) Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo ( in Time for Revolution)
(2000) N is for Negri
(2001) The Political Monster ( in In Praise of the Common with Cesare Casarino)
(2001) Adventures of the Multitude
(2002) Ruptures Within Empire- Conversation with Cocco/Lazzarato
(2003) Reflections on Empire
(2003) Dialogo Sobre la Globalicion, la multitude y la experiencia argentina
(2004) Multitude
-On Multitude- Interview in Praise of the Common
(2003) The Rod of the Forrest Warden- Response to Brennan
(2003) Peace and War- Negri and Alliez
(2004) The Vicissitudes of Constituent Thought- with Cesare Casarino
(2004) Subversive Spinoza
(2004/2005) The Porcelain Workshop
(2005) From Sociological to Ontological Inquiry- Interview
(2005) Post-Modern Global Governance and the Critical Legal Project
(2006) Empire and Beyond
(2006) Goodbye Mr. Socialism
(2006) Foucault: Between Past and Future
(2006) Exile: Interview
(2007) Art and Culture in the Age of Empire and the Time of the Multitude
(2008) Materialism and Theology: A Conversation Negri and Fadini
(2008) Philosophy of Law Against Sovereignty: New Excesses, Old Fragmentations
(2009) Commonwealth
(2009) On Commonwealth- An Exchange with David Harvey
(2009) The Italian Difference
(2010) On the Common, Universality and Communism: Balibar and Negri


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