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An exchange between David Harvey and Hardt and Negri on Commonwealth.


“Negri renews our understanding of Spinozism in many regards…he is authentically and profoundly Spinozist.”–Gilles Deleuze

“The savage power [of Negri’s interpretation] upsets the ordinary frameworks through which we understand a philosophy, and not just Spinoza’s–it forces us to re-read from a reverse angle, and in place of that doctrine we thought we knew so well, fixed in the immutable catalog of systems, it leads us to discover a living thought that in fact belongs to history, to our history.”–Pierre Macherey

In Subversive Spinoza, Antonio Negri spells out the philosophical credo that inspired his radical renewal of Marxism and his compelling analysis of the modern state and the global economy by means of an inspiring reading of the challenging metaphysics of the seventeenth-century Dutch-Jewish philosopher Spinoza. For Negri, Spinoza’s philosophy has never been more relevant than it is today to debates over individuality and community, democracy and resistance, modernity and postmodernity.

Negri – Subversive Spinoza


Foucault Between Past and Future

Posted: September 9, 2010 in 2006

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